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Houserules and rules of conduct

  • Sign up

    At the start of a stay or a visit to a room, all guests must report to the reception with a valid ID.

  • Emergency exit

    It is prohibited to use emergency exits as normal entrances and exits.

  • Clothing

    The Van der Valk Hotel Leeuwarden sets requirements for your clothing, if you do not meet these requirements, you may be denied access.

  • Smoking

    The entire hotel is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed on the terraces outside and on the balconies, if you close the door. It is not allowed to use a super smoker (or similar cigarette substitute) inside the hotel. Smoking in a hotel room results in a sanction of € 175 in cleaning costs. When the fire alarm is triggered by smoking in the room, you will be automatically removed from the hotel.

  • Safety features

    Disabling and/or misuse of our fire or safety facilities will automatically result in removal from the hotel and a fine of €175.00.
    This without refund of the room price and any deposit paid.

  • Narcotics

    You are not allowed to use soft drugs / hard drugs in the hotel. You are also not allowed to take them into the grounds or bring them into the hotel. This also includes the use of laughing gas ampoules.

  • Weapons

    You may not carry weapons with you, survey the site, or possess within our facilities.

  • Annoying, offensive and aggressive behavior

    Anyone who behaves in a nuisance or offensive manner inside or outside the catering company will be denied access. In case of threat, abuse or other forms of aggression, a report will be made at all times.

  • Alcoholic drink and cigarettes

    If, in our opinion, you have drunk too much, you may be denied the consumption of alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic drinks or cigarettes are provided under the age of 18.

  • Toilet use

    Toilet areas are only intended for guests and visitors to our facilities. Use for other reasons is not allowed.

  • Trade in goods

    It is prohibited to trade goods in or around the hotel.

  • Catering properties

    You are not allowed to take property of Hotel Leeuwarden outside with you. You may also not place the furniture outside the hotel room. If damage is caused in the hotel, you are liable for the costs of repair or renewal of the property.

  • Loss, damage, injury

    Van der Valk Hotel Leeuwarden is not liable for loss of and / or damage to guests' property. The hotel is also not liable in case of injury to persons.

  • Lost and found items

    If you find an object in the hotel that apparently belongs to someone else, you must hand it in at the reception. Found objects are kept for 12 months. Anyone who picks up a found object must be able to identify himself.

  • Complaints

    Do you have complaints of any kind? Report this directly to the reception. We are available 24 hours a day and are happy to help you.

  • Consumptions

    It is not allowed to consume your own consumptions. The use of our facilities without consumption is also not permitted

  • Residence

    During your entire stay at the hotel, we kindly request that you take our other guests into account and do not cause any noise or disturbance.

  • Minors and overnight stays

    Persons under the age of 18 who wish to stay in the hotel must have written permission from both parents. We are not allowed to check you in without this permission.

  • Emergency or inconvenience

    In the event of an emergency or inconvenience, you must always call STATION 9 from your room! In the event of an emergency, you must follow the directions / instructions of the personnel in the interest of safety.

  • Unwanted intimacies, racism and discrimination

    You must not engage in sexual harassment, racism, discrimination, or undesirable behavior.

  • Pets

    Pets are not allowed in the hotel. If pets are found in the room, a cleaning fee of € 75 will be charged.

  • Night's rest

    In the hotel it should be quiet in the corridors and rooms from 11 pm. It is not allowed to receive visitors in the room after 10 pm. A maximum number of guests is allowed for all rooms / suites.

  • Violation of the rules and the consequences

    Violation of any of the above may result in eviction from our hotel or facilities. This will result in your deposit and room rate not being returned to you.