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There is a lot to experience culturally in Leeuwarden
There is a lot to experience culturally in Leeuwarden

Tourist information

  • Wadden islands

    Wadden islands

    Five islands and a vast coast for you to discover. A dynamic area in which you can relax, find inspiration for the best plans or just dream away. Note: Not suitable for bench siters, binge watchers, landlubbers, speed demons, concrete eaters, Sunday drivers and people who find nature dirty.

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  • Nature and water

    Nature and water

    Leeuwarden is surrounded by water and beautiful nature. An environment that is very popular with water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and peace seekers. Experience the vast nature of the Alde Feanen National Park or visit Grou.

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  • Out and about with kids

    Out and about with kids

    You celebrate the best mini vacation together in Hotel Leeuwarden.
    A city for young and old. In combination with a stay you can go out with the whole family.

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  • 11 fountains of Friesland

    11 fountains of Friesland

    Where can you find 11 fountains made by 11 international top artists? In the Frisian Eleven Cities! Contemporary art and ancient cultural treasures. Water, Nature and Culture. Full of stories. Discover the secrets of Friesland!

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  • Sporty in Leeuwarden

    Sporty in Leeuwarden

    Walking, cycling, there is plenty to do in and around Leeuwarden. A beautiful city, many routes and a beautiful National Park nearby.

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  • Discover Leeuwarden

    Discover Leeuwarden

    Leeuwarden has a beautiful historic city center with many special sights. With, among other things, a tower that is even more leaning than the tower of Pisa, Leeuwarden is worth a visit.

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  • Shopping in Leeuwarden

    Shopping in Leeuwarden

    You don't have to go to Paris, London or Milan to shop extensively. Come to Friesland and discover where you can best make your shopping afternoon a success!

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